The City of Ottawa will continue to play a lead role in the implementation of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy, just as we did in the founding of OLIP.

Steve Desroches
City Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Ottawa
OLIP helps to unite and share scarce resources for greater impact by working together in the field of student education.

Walter Piovesan
Associate Director of Education, Ottawa Carleton District School Board
My nomination is an indication that our hard work in building Canada is recognized. All we do is to serve the community in return for embracing us when we needed it.  

Mehdi Mahdavi
Ottawa Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards Nominee
The target beneficiary of the work of OLIP is the whole community. In this short period we have planted together important seeds for Ottawa’s development.  

Dick Stewart
OLIP Council
Canada has been shaped by people who came from all over the world to build this country. WOW offers a platform for us to celebrate this history and the future it will help…

Alex Munter, Chair of the OLIP Council and President and CEO of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
I’m really impressed with the level of energy and commitment around the Health and Wellbeing table and look forward to continuing collaboration between OLIP and OPH.

Marcela Tapia
Ottawa Public Health
In our city’s history, immigrants have always played an important role. They build our economic prosperity, diversify our culture, contribute to our social vitality.

Jim Watson
Mayor of Ottawa
All the WOW events that I went to were great – WOW does give a sense of a community trying to improve its attraction and retention!

Caroline Andrew
Professor, University of Ottawa
The WOW seminar on immigrant women’s nutrition and health was a step in the right direction towards closing the gap between academic researchers and service providers.

Josephine Etowa
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Ottawa
The OLIP Council is committed to leadership.  In only a few years, we have a common vision and priorities, and are up to the task of implementing the Ottawa Immigration Strategy.

Salimatou Diallo
OLIP Council Vice Chair, Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario

Useful Links

Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
Access Alliance is a Toronto based organization that provides a range of health, settlement and community engagement programs for newcomers. To offer more informed solutions to the programs, Access Alliance has developed a research branch that is committed to increasing knowledge and enabling action for addressing social determinants of health that affect newcomer and racialized groups. The team utilizes community based participatory approaches, empowering newcomers and racialized communities to be active partners in research.

Algonquin College Settlement to Employment Program
This site provides a directory of settlement and employment resources for newcomers and recent immigrants to Ottawa.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Observatory
The observatory equips policy-makers, researchers, and organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors with a set of diagnostics for assessing racism and discrimination. It also identifies practical tools that can be used to promote harmony and inclusion. The observatory catalogues more than 800 English-language entries and more than 200 French-language entries.

Assisting Local Leaders with Immigrant Employment Strategies (ALLIES)
ALLIES supports local efforts in Canadian cities to successfully adapt and implement programs to increase the employment of skilled immigrants.

Canadian Collaboration for Immigrant and Refugee Health
This is a national collaboration that includes specialists, primary care practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, and immigrant community leaders dedicated to improving the health of immigrants and refugees.

CCIRH Migrant Health Knowledge Exchange Network
This is the knowledge transfer arm of the Canadian Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Health. It is designed to provide practical evidence-based recommendations and high quality education resources to primary care practitioners and medical students, immigrant community champions and health advocates, and health and immigration policymakers.

Canadian Diversity
Canadian Diversity is a publication of the Association for Canadian Studies that looks at issues related to integration, cultural diversity and human rights.

Canadian Issues
Canadian Issues is a publication of the Association for Canadian Studies that looks at issues related to immigration, multiculturalism, and citizenship.

Chinese History Project
The Ottawa Chinese Community Service Center (OCCSC) created this website to gather, share, and preserve stories from Ottawa’s Chinese community from the time of the Head Tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act. It safeguards the stories of these pioneers and provides an educational resource for future generations and researchers.

Cities of Migration
This website aims to improve local integration practices in major immigrant receiving cities through learning and information exchange. The site catalogues “good ideas” under the themes of work, live, learn, connect, and plan.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
This is the website of the federal government department responsible for immigration, settlement, and citizenship and multiculturalism programs and services.

City for All Women Initiative (CAWI)
CAWI (City for All Women Initiative) is a unique collaboration of women from diverse communities, organizations, and academia working with municipal decision-makers to create a more inclusive city and promote gender equality.

Community Immigrant Retention in Rural Ontario (CIRRO)
The Community Immigrant Retention in Rural Ontario (CIRRO) initiative aims to bring attention to the demographic forces at play in rural communities and to better understand and articulate the process of developing community newcomer attraction and retention strategies for economic development purposes.

Community-SPO Atlas of Canada’s Large Urban Centres
This Integration-Net project aims to improve information about the distribution of the immigrant population and of immigrant service provider organizations throughout Canada’s urban centres. The platform uses 2006 Census data and geographic information system technology.

Since 2008, DiverseCity has been mapping and tracking diversity in leadership in the Greater Toronto Region and has developed an action-oriented leadership development initiative to enable new leaders to emerge in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa, Research and Articles
HIO is a community-based initiative that brings together employers, immigrant agencies and stakeholders to enhance employers’ ability to access the talents of skilled immigrants in the Ottawa area.

Institute for Research on Public Policy
This is an independent, national, bilingual, non-profit organization which seeks to improve public policy in Canada by generating research, providing insight, and sparking debate on current and emerging policy issues facing Canadians and their governments.

Maytree Foundation
Maytree is a private foundation that works with governments, civil society organizations, employers, and institutions to promote equity and prosperity through leadership-building.

Metropolis Canada
Metropolis is an international network for comparative research and public policy development on migration, diversity, and immigrant integration in cities in Canada and around the world.

Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Resources for Newcomers
This provincial ministry provides social and economic integration services for newcomers and promotes social inclusion and civic engagement for all Ontarians.

Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative
The Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative aims to improve collective knowledge of media consumption and production in Ottawa’s Chinese, Latin American, Somali, and South Asian communities.

Ottawa Neighbourhood Study
The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study adds to our understanding of the physical and social pathways through which neighbourhoods in Ottawa affect health. The site provides municipal bodies, local organizations, and concerned community members with knowledge to improve planning and coordination efforts.

Our Diverse Cities
Our Diverse Cities is a Metropolis magazine that publishes articles on issues related to immigration in Canada.

Settlement at Work
Settlement at Work is the knowledge hub for the settlement sector in Ontario.

Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative
This initiative assists organizations with mandates that include the integration of immigrants into Toronto’s labour force. It provides free access to statistical data and analysis on various aspects of immigrant labour market integration. The initiative aims to improve organizations’ ability to: identify priorities; develop programs and services; compose proposals and reports; and carry out advocacy and public education endeavours.

Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project
As of April 27, 2013, the Ottawa Police Service will begin a two-year project to record the race of drivers at all traffic stops. The aim of this project is to improve knowledge and address concerns related to racial profiling in Ottawa.

Welcoming Communities Initiative – Pathways to Prosperity
Pathways to Prosperity is a multidisciplinary alliance of universities, colleges, and community organizations dedicated to promoting the integration of immigrants and minorities. The Ontario node (formerly known as the Welcoming Communities Initiative) seeks to implement a comprehensive program of research aimed at devising, improving, and testing measures to attract, retain, and integrate newcomers in Ontario’s cities, towns, and less populated locales.