I’m really impressed with the level of energy and commitment around the Health and Wellbeing table and look forward to continuing collaboration between OLIP and OPH.

Marcela Tapia
Ottawa Public Health
We are very pleased to have done the “Opportunity Cost of Not Investing in Interpretation” report – it is so important to have clarity on these challenges and…

Hindia Mohamoud, Director, OLIP
In our city’s history, immigrants have always played an important role. They build our economic prosperity, diversify our culture, contribute to our social vitality.

Jim Watson
Mayor of Ottawa
OLIP helps to unite and share scarce resources for greater impact by working together in the field of student education.

Walter Piovesan
Associate Director of Education, Ottawa Carleton District School Board
The City of Ottawa will continue to play a lead role in the implementation of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy, just as we did in the founding of OLIP.

Steve Desroches
City Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Ottawa
My nomination is an indication that our hard work in building Canada is recognized. All we do is to serve the community in return for embracing us when we needed it.  

Mehdi Mahdavi
Ottawa Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards Nominee
The target beneficiary of the work of OLIP is the whole community. In this short period we have planted together important seeds for Ottawa’s development.  

Dick Stewart
OLIP Council
I was happy to see integration to Algonquin territory and indigenous culture related programming in 2014 WOW. Please continue to involve local Aboriginal organisations and…

Linda Manning
WOW 2014 participant, Senior Fellow, University of Ottawa
The WOW seminar on immigrant women’s nutrition and health was a step in the right direction towards closing the gap between academic researchers and service providers.

Josephine Etowa
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Ottawa
The OLIP Council is committed to leadership.  In only a few years, we have a common vision and priorities, and are up to the task of implementing the Ottawa Immigration Strategy.

Salimatou Diallo
OLIP Council Vice Chair, Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario

Report by OLIP Co-Chairs Dick Stewart and Salimatou Diallo

July 18, 2013

The Ottawa Immigration Forum is a key platform for the OLIP partners to report to the community our collective progress on the goals of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy (OIS). This commitment is in keeping with OLIP’s governance principles on transparency and accountability.

Dick Stewart and Salimatou Diallo, OLIP Council Chair and Vice Chair, spoke to the concrete collaborative initiatives implemented by the OLIP partners to build Ottawa’s capacity to attract, welcome, and integrate immigrants.  OLIP’s progress report is summarized in Forum handout entitled “The Latest Achievement of the OLIP Partners: October 2012-June, 2013”

Read the full progress report speech by the OLIP Chairs
View the PowerPoint presentation slides

The full coverage of OLIP Co-Chairs Dick Stewart’s and Salimatou Diallo’s speeches are provided in the following video.