Vision 2020 National Settlement Conference

The first National Settlement Conference in 10 years will take place in Ottawa, November 13-15, 2013. Settlement sector executives, government policy makers and private sector representatives will convene to discuss future pathways of the national Settlement Program in light of the recent changes to immigration policy. The Vision 2020 Conference is sponsored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Learn more


Language Learning for Health

The new ESL/LINC lesson plans developed by OPH & OCDSB aim to encourage instructors to discuss priority health topics with adult learners, providing them with activities that are fun and engaging, while using information that is trustworthy and reliable. The series covers eight healthy eating topics, each of them adapted for three different language levels. Click here to learn more.


Health Equity Resource

The “Resources, Principles and Practices of Health Equity”  presents a compilation of training resources on “health equity”.  It aims to support community health service providers to ensure high standards of health equity throughout organizations, by ensuring that staff and board members are aware and sensitized on this topic. The report is in English, with French resources identified.





Five Attitudes to Welcome Newcomers

How can one make a newcomer feel welcome in his/her new community? The stories of 2014 WOW Ambassadors provides an answer to this question. Read here to learn more about the top five attitudes to welcome newcomers, based on our WOW Ambassador Nomination stories. Now, think what YOU can do to help newcomers feel welcome in Ottawa!

Stories & Faces of a Welcoming City

During the 2014 Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) 11 Ottawa residents were recognized as WOW Ambassadors. They showed genuine respect and hospitality to newcomers, helping them feel at home in Ottawa. This video tells the story of the WOW Ambassador project and why they think immigration is important for Canada.

2015 WOW---Slide---Call-for-Events

2015 Welcoming Ottawa Week (June 22nd- 28th)

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) cordially invites you to contribute an event to the 2015 Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) June 22- 28, 2015.

WOW is a week-long of events, activities, and celebration for Ottawa residents, old and new, and we want your organization to be part of the excitement. Plan an event that showcases your involvement with immigrants, celebrates what immigrants contribute to our community or creates new bonds between neighbours.  Please click here for more information.

2nd Annual Ottawa Immigration Forum

The 2nd Annual Ottawa Immigration Forum marked a new community tradition to bring together practicioners, policy makers, academics and community leaders to review our progress, celebrate achievements and sustain the dialogue and collaborative leadership for the implementation of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy. Learn more


OLIP Open House for Immigrant Leaders

The first OLIP Open House for Immigrant Leaders was held on December 13th, 2012, with a three-fold purpose: to facilitate immigrants’ participation in the OLIP process; connect immigrants to opportunities; and strengthen communications with immigrant communities. Read more.

First Annual Ottawa Immigration Forum

The Ottawa Immigration Forum is part of the OLIP governance structure and is an essential component of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy. The theme of the first annual Ottawa Immigration Forum was “Valuing and Leveraging Immigrants’ Contributions for Greater Prosperity, Vitality and Inclusion.” Read more

M_Council 3

OLIP Council

OLIP Council is a community-wide assembly of champions that brings together key institutional, policy and business leaders from the six sectors addressed in the Ottawa Immigration Strategy. Council members provide strategic leadership to fulfill OLIP’s vision of a more prosperous, vibrant and inclusive Ottawa.  Read more.

WOW 2014: A Week in Review

The second annual 2014 Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) took place on June 23-28 in multiple locations across Ottawa. Championed by the Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson and hosted by a wide range of community partners, this OLIP initiative is becoming a community-wide platform for offering genuine welcome to new Ottawans, connecting old and new residents in intellectual, cultural, social and family events. It also advances the understanding on the issues and priorities of immigrant integration in our community. Please read here blogs that have provided review and reflection on the 2014 WOW.

Sector Tables 1 2 3 4 5
Jeffrey Dale_for healthST

Sector Table:
Economic Integration

The OLIP leaders sitting at the Economic Integration Sector Table tackle collaboratively the challenges surrounding the economic integration of immigrants. Together they developed and are implementing a comprehensive strategy and plans of action that simultaneously work with immigrants; employers; service providers; and the economic development sector as a whole.


Sector Table:

OLIP partners at the Education Sector Table aim to reduce the opportunity gap faced by immigrant students and particularly those living in low-income neighbourhoods with a high concentration of immigrant families. Through inter-sectoral collaboration, partners at this Sector Table are also working to create more...

Health Sector Jack McCarthy

Sector Table:
Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing Sector Table works to improve physical and mental health outcomes for immigrants and refugees in Ottawa. Current initiatives focus on innovative service provision to ensure equity in health outcomes, including preventive measures through health literacy capacity-building and capitalizing on the unique...


Sector Table:
Language Training and Supports

OLIP partners at the Language Training and Supports Sector Table address challenges related to training in both official languages and develop timely and specialized interpretation services to support access to critical human services. The work of this Sector Table is responsive to Ottawa’s status as...

April and Colin

Sector Table:
Settlement and Institutional Capacity Development

The Settlement and Integration Capacity Development Sector Table’s current initiatives stem from the combined priorities of Settlement and Integration Capacity Development strategies outlined in the Ottawa Immigration Strategy. Specific initiatives focus on organizational learning to build service providers’ capacity to serve immigrants and foster immigrant...

Who We Are

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) is a collaborative community initiative designed to strengthen Ottawa’s capacity to welcome immigrants and improve integration outcomes related to economic, social, political, and civic participation. OLIP was founded by the City of Ottawa and Local Agencies Serving Immigrants (LASI)…

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What We Do

OLIP’s mandate is to build community-wide capacity to attract, settle, and integrate immigrants. This mandate is fulfilled collaboratively by OLIP partners through three activity streams: collective planning, collaborative leadership, and coordinated action. Collective Planning OLIP’s collective planning establishes a common vision and direction and creates…

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OLIP’s governance structure supports community-wide leadership and action in the implementation of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy (OIS) while providing a transparent mechanism for continued planning, learning, and adjustment. The premise of OLIP’s governance structure is that the goals set out in the OIS can only be achieved…

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Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Creating Opportunities for the Integration of Immigrants into the Ottawa Labour Market Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) is an award winning community-based initiative that brings together employers, immigrant agencies and stakeholders to enhance employers’ ability to access the talents of skilled immigrants in the Ottawa…

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Ottawa’s Community Cup

Ottawa’s Community Cup: Using Sport for Developing and Building a Welcoming Community The Community Cup, one of Ottawa’s most ‘feel good’ events, is based on three simple principles: playing a sport together breaks down barriers between newcomers and host communities; people who play sports…

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Promoting Immigrant Health through Language Instruction

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) in collaboration with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board are currently undertaking a special project to promote health among newcomers in English as a Second Language (ESL) schools. A “healthy immigrant effect” has been observed in…

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Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards of the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has been key in the adoption and implementation of the Ottawa Immigration Strategy (OIS). It aligned OIS priorities with the City’s strategic plan and is now developing an immigration strategy of its own that reinforces OIS priorities. In addition, the City’s…

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